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In the light of the Turkish political situation the EFC Exec is having a meeting to consider the options. In the interim we would advise against registering for the meeting and making travel arrangements.

Christine Bergeron on behalf of the EFC Executive

6 - 8th October 2016, Istanbul, Turkey
7th European Congress of the European Federation for Colposcopy

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The prinicipal of an European Federation for Colposcopy (EFC), representing all member states of the EU and surrounding countries, was conceived by Joe Jordan (UK) and Renzo Barrasso (France) in Krakow in 1995. Further information relating to the history, the constitution, by-laws and contact details of the EFC can be found in this section. More...


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Check out future and past events organised by the EFC. The EFC held its first official Congress in Rhodes in 2001 with an attendance of 630 delegates representing 24 countries. The next meeting of the EFC was in Paris in 2004. Over 700 delegates from 26 countries took part. More...

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